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Industry experts, in-flight paramedics and nurses, and patients who rely on emergency air medical services have joined SOAR and pledged to work alongside stakeholders and policymakers to preserve and protect access to high-quality and life-saving medical care.  

Health Care, Consumer, Public Safety, & Business Leaders

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Emergency Air Medical Providers

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Partner Testimonials

“The IAFCCP membership represents an international body of paramedics in air medical and critical care transport, and now, paramedics delivering mobile integrated healthcare. Our members are employed within a vast spectrum of business models, ensuring access to healthcare for those in need. SOAR is committed to ensuring the ongoing availability of access to emergency healthcare, especially in rural areas, and to the undisrupted and uniform regulation of aviation safety at the federal level.  We support the SOAR campaign and these concepts as part of supporting our members who have dedicated themselves to responding when called to help others most in need.”

–– Christopher Hall, Government & Legislative Affairs Committee Chairman, International Association of Flight & Critical Care Paramedics (IAFCCP)

"Florida residents who live in rural areas need ready access to comprehensive medical facilities, which are often many miles away. Emergency air medical services help bridge this distance between rural communities and trauma centers and emergency rooms, and protecting these services is vital for the health and safety of rural communities across the state. We are proud to join the SOAR Campaign and look forward to finding solutions that protect and preserve these services for all communities.” 

–– Marrilyn Mesh, M.Ed, M.Ac., Manager, Florida Rural Health Association

“We support the efforts of SOAR and its partners across the state and the nation to preserve emergency air medical services. Emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, and every community in America should have access to fast, high-quality health care and transport when disaster strikes.”

–– Julio Funtes, President/CEO, Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce