The Times leader: Ferry students see results of crash

By Dylan McKenzie

Martins Ferry High School students took a grim look at the potential consequences of drinking and driving Thursday.

The school coordinated with Ohio Valley Medical Center and East Ohio Regional Hospital, the Martins Ferry Police Department, Martins Ferry Volunteer Fire Department and the Air Evac Lifeteam to put on a mock crash for the students, to help show them what can happen as a result of drunk driving. Such a message is especially important at this time of year, considering the MFHS prom is coming up on May 13. When the demonstration began, students were treated to the grim sight of a two-vehicle accident, with five “victims” portrayed by student actors. When a Martins Ferry police officer arrived on scene, he immediately called for emergency medical services upon seeing the one “dead victim” and several more “injured.” The Martins Ferry and Colerain volunteer fire departments arrived and soon called for an Air Evac Lifeteam helicopter to take a “critically injured” girl for better care. The firefighters also used the Jaws of Life to remove a door on the car to reach a third wounded passenger. When the scenario was finished, one student enactor was dead, another taken by helicopter to the hospital and the others taken to local medical centers, leaving behind two broken vehicles and the eerie knowledge that this could happen to anyone.

“At the end of it, one friend who we know, who we’ve grown up with, is gone,” said high school Principal Joe Mamone. “Where do you pick up the pieces from here?”

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