Paris Extra: Reno toddler who almost drowned meets the people that saved her life

By Lea Emerson

What started out as a normal Sunday afternoon quickly turned into a nightmare for local mom, Haley Trammel.

Haley had taken her children to their grandparent’s house for the afternoon, planning to enjoy the sun and swim in the pool. Her girls, Brynlee (3 years old), and Brystlee (4 years old) suited up to swim while their Mom finished applying sunscreen to her youngest child.

Trammel stated, “The girls ran ahead to the backyard to play before we came out. The gate to the pool is always locked, so I didn’t think there was anything to worry about. Right away my four-year-old came running inside just as I was headed out to meet them. She told me that Brynlee had fallen in the pool.”

“I didn’t have time to think, I just ran to the pool and jumped in for her. She was already at the bottom, facing up. I pulled her out, and her lips were blue. I started CPR and she coughed up some blood and water. She wouldn’t talk or anything, just lifeless.”

Trammel then called 911 and the ambulance and helicopter arrived right away. Shortly after, Brynlee was transported to Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.

Paris EMS Paramedic, Rachele Estes, responded to the incident. She told us that Brynlee was conscious but weak and very lethargic. “It was necessary for her to go to Children’s Medical so they could keep an eye on her and make sure everything was okay,” said Estes.

Earlier this week, after returning home, Brynlee asked her Mom if she could meet the people she saw on Sunday that saved her life.  On Friday at 10 a.m. she met the team along with her sister Brystlee who Trammel said is her hero!

“My four-year-old daughter, along with the people here, saved Bynlee’s life. Brystlee is a hero, even though she doesn’t fully understand how important of a role she played in this,” said Trammel.

Brynlee is still recovering at this stage, and will head to Children’s Medical again for a follow up due to a cough and increase in temperature.