PennLive: State lawmakers should move to expand, not limit, airborne medical services for rural Pa.: Amanda Thayer

By Amanda Thayer, SOAR Spokesperson

Last week, several Pennsylvania state leaders spoke out on issues surrounding the air ambulance industry.

They are rightfully trying to address a problem for which many stakeholders are seeking solutions: the issue of patients receiving high medical bills after an emergency air medical transport. 

While the solution that Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller and House Insurance Committee Chairwoman Tina Pickett, R-Bradford, are urging people to focus on is well-intentioned, it is dangerously misguided.

For the sake of those who rely on emergency air medical services, it's critical that we find solutions to the billing issues in the right places.

That's why the Save Our Air Medical Resources (S.O.A.R.) campaign - which seeks to preserve access to this emergency health care service - supports addressing the billing issues by tackling the real root cause of the problem: fixing the unsustainably low Medicare reimbursement rates through federal legislation.