FL Keys News: LifeNet air ambulance saves lives

By Martha Roca

As a parent, there’s nothing more terrifying than the feeling of being helpless to protect your child. Unfortunately, at 26 weeks pregnant and in severe pain, I experienced this terror and had to be transported by a LifeNet helicopter to a hospital in Miami after being denied by Trauma Star. Within minutes of the flight, I prematurely gave birth to my son, Jacob, weighing only one pounds, four ounces.

He wasn’t breathing, his heart rate was very slow and he barely had a pulse. The crew saved his life. They worked quickly to incubate him and keep him stable until we reached the hospital. It was the scariest moment of my life, as I wasn’t sure if I would get the chance to see my son grow up, but thanks to the calm strength and quick action of the LifeNet crew, my baby’s life was saved. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have my little man.

I’m happy that LifeNet’s recent blood drive in Key West brought some awareness to the community for their new commitment to carrying blood on all of their flights. I participated as a first-time blood donor and am proud to have supported a cause that makes sure blood will be available to all LifeNet patients, just like my Jacob, who needed transfusions (over the more than 110 days in the NICU, Jacob needed approximately 20 blood transfusions). It was the LifeNet crew’s selfless dedication and strength that inspired me to donate.

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