KRIS: Halo-flight teams up with Del Mar College

By Lee Sausley

CORPUS CHRISTI -- Most folks here in the coastal bend are generally familiar with the Halo-flight air ambulance service and how it saves lives. What you may not know, is how closely it works with Del Mar College to help train the paramedics that just might save your life some day.

When you see one of these Halo-flight choppers land in a parking lot or beside a highway it usually means someone has been seriously injured or needs urgent medical care. Fortunately, that wasn't the case when one of them landed on the Del Mar West campus last week. It was there to help  acquaint students in the EMT/Paramedic program with the air ambulance service and to brief them on what they'll need to know when they work with Halo-flight. That's everything from how to call for a helicopter, to setting up landing zones at accident scenes, safety rules, and how to brief the medical crews on the the aircraft about the patients they'll be transporting.