Waco Trib: Be thankful for EMS air support, both now and through 2017

By Toni Logan

The holidays are a time for reverie, giving thanks and expressing generosity with loved ones.

It’s also a time to be cautious and careful, especially while traveling on the road, whether it’s because of unpredictable Texas weather or the dangers of those celebrating the holiday cheer and deciding to get behind the wheel at the wrong time instead of playing it safe.

For those who live in rural Texas, there’s another unfortunate reason to have concern this holiday season. Rural hospitals all across the country are closing their doors, making it harder to access lifesaving services.

When disaster strikes, getting timely, appropriate medical care is serious. It can be the difference between life and death. Thankfully, we’re fortunate that air medical transport bases are located nearby.

Many of us take for granted the time-sensitive services provided by air rescue, but we know that patients with time-sensitive illnesses or injuries benefit most from rapid air medical transport.

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