Becker's Hospital Review: A state-by-state breakdown of 80 rural hospital closures

By Ayla Ellison

Of the 25 states that have seen at least one rural hospital close since 2010, those with the most closures are located in the South, according to research from the North Carolina Rural Health Research Program.

Thirteen hospitals in Texas have closed since 2010, the most of any state. Tennessee has seen the second-most closures, with eight hospitals closing since 2010. In third place is Georgia with six closures followed by Alabama and Mississippi, which have each seen five hospitals close over the past six years.

Listed [in the link] below are the 80 rural hospitals that closed between January 2010 and November 2016, as tracked by the NCRHRP. For the purposes of its analysis, the NCRHRP defined a hospital closure as the cessation in the provision of inpatient services. As of November, all of the facilities listed below no longer provided inpatient care. However, many of them still offered other services, including outpatient care, imaging, emergency care, urgent care, primary care or skilled nursing and rehabilitation services.