Tallahassee Democrat: Emergency air medical services must be preserved, protected

By Amanda Thayer, SOAR Campaign Spokeswoman

It was with a deep sense of regret that everyone in the air ambulance service community learned that LifeFlight Tallahassee had shuttered its main base of operations.

We feel for the employees whose livelihoods are being disrupted. But there is a greater issue at stake: Countless lives could be put at risk from the loss of an important medical service.

Air medical transport services take our mission of providing emergency assistance seriously. No provider wants to close a base, in Florida or anywhere. Our mission is to serve communities, not leave them.

In the wake of base closures like the one in Tallahassee, the stories that emerge – about loved ones saved and heroic rescues carried out by pilots and crews –underscore just how much communities rely on this service.

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