Save Our Air Medical Resources (SOAR) is a national campaign dedicated to preserving access to emergency air medical services for Americans across the country. 

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85 million Americans

85 million Americans live more than an hour from a Level 1 or Level 2 trauma center if driven by ambulance. Without air medical transport service, these people - 1 in 4 of the population - literally have no way to get to trauma centers within the time-sensitive window for optimizing trauma care.

90 percent
of patients

90 percent of patients who use air medical services are transported because they have suffered serious cardiac event, stroke or trauma. Air medical service extends the reach of hospitals and trauma centers so millions of Americans in rural areas have access to them.

1 closure
per month 

Since 1990, 22% of rural hospitals have closed. Since 2010, those hospitals have closed at a rate of one per month. Today, hundreds more are on the brink of closure. The result is patients must travel farther to get emergency care.

Why It Matters

This service is a critical element of emergency response, especially for communities living in rural areas where access to trauma care facilities is limited. 

With many rural hospitals closing their doors and an aging population, the need for air medical services is growing.

Unfortunately, due to insufficient insurance reimbursement rates, many providers of air medical services are being forced to close bases and wind down operations, leaving rural communities at greater risk. The SOAR campaign supports efforts at the federal and state level to prevent this from happening. We are dedicated to ensuring that the millions of Americans across the country who rely on air medical resources continue to have access to them. Learn More →

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